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 Assalamualaikum, dear Viewer!

KIDSS Candy is an exclusive supplier of Halal Gummies. Inspired by the growth of product demand in the Muslim community, KIDSS Candy was born. 

Our mission is to provide high quality Halal candy to the Muslim community and bring  sweetness, love and joy to the minds and hearts of people and their kids. In fact, the brand name was inspired by my five children's names: Khadijah, Isa, Duaa, Sarah & Safiyyah.

KIDSS gummies are made from Halal Beef Gelatin manufactured in Turkey, as opposed to the usual pork gelatin found in most candies across the world. 

You can buy them right here online, or call your local halal grocer to see if they carry them. If not, urge them to contact us about carrying our product!

We hope you find our website useful and easy to navigate. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

" Celebrate life, Celebrate with KIDSS."